Microsoft allowing MMOs to require storage on the 360

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Paul Miller
August 14th, 2007
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Microsoft allowing MMOs to require storage on the 360

While Microsoft's multi-SKU method has allowed it to hit the market at a dramatically lower price than the PS3, there are certainly some tradeoffs to that Xbox 360 Core model. Most notably, the lack of a hard drive means almost zero games have been released that make decent use of the drive in the Premium and Elite models, since Core users would be left out of the fun, no matter how few of them there may be. Luckily, Microsoft is finally lifting that restriction, and will be allowing HDD required games on a case-by-case basis. Developers will be required to estimate the max storage their game will grab, and state plainly on the box the requirement. Of course, Final Fantasy XI has been choking up 360 hard drives for over a year now, but hopefully these new official guidelines will get the creative juices flowing at a few more MMO studios so we can finally end those painful jaunts from the couch to the PC to get in some level grinding.

[Via Joystiq]
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