Telus launches Palm Treo 755p

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.23.07

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Telus launches Palm Treo 755p
You've got company, Sprint! It may not be available with Verizon just yet, but Palm has found another carrier to launch its newest and shiniest Garnet-based Treo, the 755p. This time around, Canada's Telus plays host, offering the device for $229.99 Canadian (about $217) on a whopping three-year contract (yes, we know three-year contracts are the norm in Canada, but our jaw still drops a little every time we hear it). Meanwhile, folks looking to rock out contract-free may do so for $549.99 Canadian, a shade over $519. The device is a Canadian exclusive for Telus, so don't bother looking elsewhere if you're north of the border and Garnet is your poison of choice.

[Via Slashphone]
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