PAX 07: Pink Godzilla vs. our money

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Retailer Pink Godzilla's presence at PAX was one of the more drool-worthy booths at the show. In addition to piles and piles of Dev Kit kits, PG t-shirts and stickers, the booth was rife was classic and import games and consoles. If you were looking for a copy of Face Training or Doki Doki Majo Shinpan or even Yume Penguin Monogatari at PAX, this was the destination. I personally had a PC Engine Coregrafx in my hand at least twice, desperately battling over whether or not to buy. I totally would have if stuff didn't cost money.

The most impressive (and expensive) items were on display in a glass case, and included things like Toilet Kids, Dracula X and even a sealed Super Metroid ($300). I ran off with a Twin Famicom took a bunch of pictures of the booth, when I wasn't getting trampled.

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