Volvo adding new safety features to S80, XC70, and V70 automobiles

Volvo's name has long since been connected with safety, and the firm has recently announced a few new features for the S80, XC70, and V70 that aim to keep the link alive. Among the new systems that should be available "at the end of 2007" is the (tweaked) Collision Warning with Auto Brake -- which automatically activates the brakes if the driver doesn't react to the warnings -- and the Driver Alert Control for monitoring the behavior of the vehicle and suggesting that the motorist take a coffee break if there's just too much swayin' going on. Additionally, Volvo will be adding the slightly more common adaptive cruise control and distance alert features to the aforementioned cars, but there's no word on whether NAV-equipped rides will route themselves to the nearest java shop if the pictured message is forced to appear.

[Via CNET]
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