Magellan rolls out 4200, 3200 series Maestro GPS units

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Donald Melanson
August 31st, 2007
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Magellan rolls out 4200, 3200 series Maestro GPS units
Magellan's let loose a slew of new additions to its Maestro line of GPS units, including three models in the widescreen 4200 series, and four in the lower-end 3200 series. Coming in at the top-end of the lot, the $500 Maestro 4250 unit boasts a 4.3-inch widescreen display, along with support for live traffic information, text-to-speech functionality, voice control, and built-in Bluetooth for some handsfree calling. The Maestro 4220 and 4200 each sport the same size screen and slim 0.7-inch design but scale back on some of the features like live traffic info and voice control. Leading the pack in the 3200 series, the $400 Maestro 3250 will give you the same live traffic info, text-to-speech and voice control of the 4250, but in a slightly smaller form factor with a non-widescreen 3.5-inch display. Rounding out the line-up the 3200, 3210, and 3220 each pack 3.5-inch displays as well, but with varying amounts of maps and features depending on the model. Look for these to trickle out over the course of September and October.

[Via GPS Review]
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