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Sprint on parade: Centro, Vogue, Rumor, and OQO Model 02

Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|September 11, 2007 5:06 AM
Ugh, not more pictures of Palm's Centro, you gasp. Yes... and much more. This time, it's the Centro nuzzled up for some quickie shots with Sprint's Treo 755p and new Vogue (that's, HTC Touch to the rest of the world) and what must be Sprint's take on the new OQO Model 02. A veritable who's who of soon to be launched Sprint handsets. Better yet, our tipster -- contrary to previous reports -- "noticed little to no difference in typing on the QWERTY with the Centro to the Treo" while noting that the Centro was "much nicer to hold." He also says that the Vogue was running a 400MHz Qualcomm processor (not the standard OMAP 850) with 256MB ROM / 120MB RAM which suffered "no slowdown" even while running 15-20 applications. Check out all the sneaky pictures in the gallery below. Oh, as to the device to the right of the Vogue and below the OQO: that's a mystery, any ideas?

Update: That other handset turns out to be the LG Rumor, which looks to be positioned for the Facebook and MySpace messaging crowd. More on this later.
[Thanks, Catharsis and Stephen]