XBLA gets Genesis games ESWAT and Crack Down?

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Richard Mitchell
September 14th, 2007
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XBLA gets Genesis games ESWAT and Crack Down?

According to the UK Official Xbox Magazine, Xbox Live Arcade is set to get two more Sega Genesis games. The first, titled Crack Down (not to be confused with Real Time Worlds' Crackdown), is a top down shooter. The interesting part is that the actual game occupies only about 1/4 of the screen, with the rest filled by menus and game data. The other title, ESWAT, is more or less RoboCop, featuring police officers outfitted with death-dealing cyber suits. Interestingly, both titles were recently announced for the Wii's Virtual Console as well. No release date has been announced for either title.

While we're glad to see more Genesis love on XBLA, we have to question Sega's choices. The lineup so far has been pretty solid and for the most part genuine classics, but ESWAT? Crack Down? Why not Altered Beast or Phantasy Star or Shining Force? Kid Chameleon? There are tons of classic Genesis titles Sega could be bringing to XBLA. Granted, we haven't played either ESWAT or Crack Down, but there are certainly more recognizable titles out there.

[Via Xboxic. Thanks, Jonah Falcon]
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