The bicycle-powered supercomputer

In an attempt to illustrate the low power requirements of its latest Linux-based supercomputer, a company called SiCortex put together a demonstration showing the massive number-cruncher performing billions of calculations per-second while a team of between eight to ten bicyclists pedaled to keep it going. The NextFest presentation was a ploy to showcase the small power consumption of the new machine, and to point out that energy conservation for both system power and cooling are major issues facing manufacturers and end-users. As the custom Trek bikes churned out 260-watts of power each, Dr. John Mucci -- the company's CEO -- said, "Ten years ago, this analysis was impossible on even the biggest computers, and now it's being done on a bicycle powered machine," then added, "Ten years from now, we'll probably be doing it right down at the docks as they unload the ships." Which sounds kind of weird, but isn't.

[Via I4U]