Samsung U470 for Verizon gets a name: "Juke"

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.26.07

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We may not know when this thing's going to be at retail, but hey -- at least we'll know our way around the external controls by the time it does. A tipster has graciously hooked us up with overview documentation for the Samsung U740 for Verizon, an off-the-beaten-path, swiveling musicphone that has apparently been christened "Juke." The key legend doesn't reveal anything too terribly special, though we're happy to see a speakerphone made the cut despite the unit's diminutive outline. Our tipster tells us "it's your basic Verizon Wireless phone," so beyond a music player, stereo Bluetooth, and a trick mechanism that'll impress friends (for a few days, anyway), we're banking on a reasonably low price point. How's everyone feeling about the form factor?

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]


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