Energy Sistem intros Ingenio 4000, 5000 PMPs

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Energy Sistem intros Ingenio 4000, 5000 PMPs
Energy Sistem may not exactly be the most household name, but its latest pair of PMPs looks to be decent enough to garner it a bit of notice, at least from those willing to tread in less-familiar waters. Of the two, the unfortunately-named Inngenio 4000 DUET HDP M-EX is the slightly higher-end model, with it boasting a 2.8-inch display, 6GB of storage, a miniSD card slot, an FM tuner and support for Xvid video files, among other more common formats. The Inngenio 5000 HDP M-EX, on the other hand, cuts the storage down to just 2GB, and relies on a standard SD card slot for expansion. It does, however, boast a slightly larger 3.5-inch LCD, although, despite appearances, neither display appears to be a touchscreen. From the looks of it, both are available in Europe now, with the Inngenio 4000 running €155 (or about $220) and the 5000 setting you back €120 (or roughly $170).

[Via PMP Today]
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