Community class review from the EU: Hunter

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|10.10.07

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Dan O'Halloran
October 10th, 2007
Community class review from the EU: Hunter

MVP Schwick continues to compile community-driven class reviews. This week he has completed his summary of Hunter issues. Within it are standard complaints about itemization, PvP & raid viability, certain talents being useless, etc.

But what makes this different is than most QQ class posts is that solutions are offered. This one in particular stood out for me:

Being able to customize a pet is what makes being a Hunter fun...Adding Collars to pets might help increasing the uniqueness. A collar will be a new Hunter item slot for the pet. Some ideas are:
- Increases focus by XX
- Increases crit chance by XX
- Increases hit chance by XX
- Increases ability YY by XX
- Increases Armour by XX

This will also deal with such things as Hunter pets not scaling with crit and hit chance.

Check out the post for the complete post. Next week, Druids are up for community review.
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