Play Wii games with a PS2 controller, consort with witches

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|10.22.07

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Eric Caoili
October 22nd, 2007
Play Wii games with a PS2 controller, consort with witches
GameCube adapters for PS2 controllers are nothing new, but this $13.70 one from UGame seems targeted to the Wii and, most importantly, has some wacky boxart. You should be well aware by now of our weak resistance to goofy packaging. They pull at us, whispering cryptic messages into our ears, like dead children trying to give us clues about their murderers.

There are so many odd things going on in this UGame cover:
  • The redhead witch in the flimsy blue dress is holding a golden Wii remote with an attached wand. Could it be some sort of Brando accessory that we haven't heard about yet?
  • The schoolboy chasing the woman looks too happy for his own good. Perhaps class just let out? Or maybe the leggy sorceress hypnotized the salivating fool, leading him to what will surely be his grisly death.
  • Above them, another young witch flies over the scene, straddling a torn PS2 controller cord fashioned into a broom. For reasons never mentioned, she is dressed as PaRappa.
Past the post break, we've got a larger image of the box, a photo of the actual product, and Clarissa Sabrina, the teenage witch. Wiggle your nose and head over there.

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