Samsung reveals first 30-nm 64Gb NAND chip -- and a bit of skin

We're not sure what's more impressive here: the fact that Samsung has produced the world's first 30nm-class 64Gb (bit, not byte!) NAND chip or that they're now roping defenseless product waifs into hawking their silicon wafers. Nevertheless, we're looking at a serious jump in density in just 10 months. A maximum of 16 of the new chips can be combined for cost-effective 128GB (byte, not bit!) MLC NAND-based flash cards used primarily for data storage. Sammy's faster SLC based flash cards will still be the preferred choice when speed is of the utmost priority and cost isn't an issue. As such, Samsung also announced a 32Gb SLC NAND chip based on the same SaDPT (Self-aligned double patterning technology) manufacturing process. Sadly, we'll have to wait until 2009 for production to begin. Still, he looks happy dontchathink?