We're giving away 15 EQ2 expansion beta keys

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|11.02.07

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We're giving away 15 EQ2 expansion beta keys

To celebrate the launch of Massively, Sony Online Entertainment has graced us with 15 beta keys for their upcoming expansion, EverQuest II: The Rise of Kunark. Unlike those other sites giving away beta keys, we're not even going to make you work for it.

That's right, no creative writing contests or screenshot submissions or badly cut machinima efforts to apply. Just post below in the comments section before Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 11:59pm. We'll choose among them randomly and send the winners a beta key with instructions on getting into Kunark.

Though we are free-wheeling with the beta key love, there are two restrictions that you should know about. First, you will need to have a paid subscription to EverQuest II. The beta key doesn't work if you're not already paying for the game. Second, you will have to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This means no talking about what you see or posting screenshots until the NDA is lifted.

If you wanted to try out the new Sarnak playable race before everyone else, this is your chance. What are you waiting for? Get to commenting!

EDIT: Give-away is over! E-mails are all out to the winners. For those who didn't get in, keep an eye on Massively for, well, massive coverage of EQ2. First with our beta walkthrough feature. Then, when the NDA lifts.
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