Fujifilm intros GPS-based Tape Tracker to prevent data mishandling

It would only take one case of having your precious data "mishandled" while in transit to spend some dough on a tracking mechanism for future shipments, and while we've certainly seen a number of options in the past, Fujifilm's alternative is quite clever in its own right. The recently announced Tape Tracker takes the form of a standard 0.5-inch data tape cartridge, but rather than housing gigabytes of sensitive material, it hides a GPS system that enables data managers to "monitor important data assets in real-time or locate misplaced / stolen tapes instantly." Furthermore, users of the device will have access to a secure, web-based application (aptly dubbed FujiFind) that can track several data tape shipments simultaneously, even through rural areas, within vehicles and inside warehouses. No word on a price just yet, but those willing to pay anything for peace of mind can look forward to a Q1 2008 release.

[Via SpaceMart]