Intel said to be planning 45nm Diamondville CPU for low-cost PCs

It looks like Intel's not done with its 45nm processors just yet, as Reg Hardware is now reporting that the company is set to release yet another model, dubbed "Diamondville", that is apparently intended specifically for low-cost desktop PCs. That processor will apparently be part of the so-called "Shelton" platofrm which, among other things, will be able to operate without a fan, meaning the systems based on it should definitely be on the small side. The folks at Reg Hardware go one step further than that, however, speculating that the Diamondville/Shelton combo could in fact be the basis for Asus' forthcoming desktop Eee PC -- a possibility given a bit more credence given that Shelton is designed to work with 2 to 4GB of flash storage. Either way, we should be hearing plenty more about it soon enough, as the platform is supposedly set for a 2008 release.