Dragon lets loose cheapo DuoShock 3 PS3 controller

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Dragon's new DuoShock 3 may not be anything more than a pale imitation of Sony's own PS3 controller, but at least it's a dirt cheap pale imitation, with it setting you back just $17. For that price you will get 2.4GHz wireless capabilities, but it seems that you'll have to make do without the SIXAXIS' motion sensing capabilities, which could pose quite a problem depending on the games you plan to play with it. On the upside, you'll also be able to use the controller with your PC, as well as your PS2 with the included adapter. The controller does also boast a vibration function, although it seems pretty safe to assume that it'll only work with the PS2. If that's not too much of a deterrent, you can pick one up right now.

[Via PS3 Evolution]
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