Displaytech FLCOS microdisplays to be used in embeddable pico-projectors

We've heard our fair share of promises when it comes to embeddable micro-projectors, but it sounds like the gears may actually be turning in the race to crank out cellphones, PDAs and other handheld gizmos with integrated PJs. Displaytech, best known for its LCOS microdisplays, announced today that it is hooking 13 companies up with Ferroelectric-LCOS (FLCOS) displays that can be used in uber-small projectors within diminutive devices of all flavors. Unfortunately, no word was given on exactly what companies are placing orders, but Displaytech did admit that it expects to see "a number of ultra small projectors containing its FLCOS panels to be demonstrated at CES." We'll be on the lookout.

[Image courtesy of Displaytech]