TI showcases diminutive DLP pico-projector

If anyone doubted Texas Instruments' sincerity in taking the mobile projection world by storm, now would probably be a good time to start boiling some crow. Making good on its wishes to cram DLP into even the most minuscule of locations, the company will be demonstrating its newfangled DLP pico-projector to select media groups, and apparently, those interested in taking a peek better have a front row seat. The mini projector will supposedly "fit in your fingertips," but beyond that vague descriptor, we're not exactly sure about the hard measurements. Notably, it appears that TI's wee PJ could act as a standalone unit "or as an integrated component in a mobile device," which would definitely spruce up current smartphone offerings. Sadly, there wasn't an estimated timeframe as to when we'd (barely) see these devices crammed into cellphone enclosures, but it's just a matter of time before we're streaming live television shows and simultaneously beaming 'em up for all of the subway car to see.