Noon Solar's stylish bag collection charges your gizmos

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.26.07

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Trust us, solar-cell covered handbags are far from revolutionary, but Noon Solar's Fall Collection strikes our style bone just right. The Willow, Cortland and Logan (pictured) totes all boast a two-sided design that enables the "weather-proof" solar panel to face outward or inward depending on your mood, and all three provide slightly different internal dimensions to suit your carrying needs. Reportedly, the Power Bank within should fully charge after facing the sun for around six to eight hours, and it can be used to provide juice to a variety of DAPs, cellphones and other handheld devices courtesy of the voltage selector on the pack. As for pricing, you'll be looking at $274, $383 and $412, respectively, and the trio looks to be available in a couple of shades as we speak.

[Via Inhabitat]
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