TiVo drops word of updated TiVo with full two-way functionality

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TiVo drops word of updated TiVo with full two-way functionality
We've already heard about some of TiVo's plans for two-way communications, and it now looks like the company has used its third quarter earnings to drop a few more hints on the matter, including word of what sounds an awful lot like a Series 4 box. According to TiVo, it and the cable industry have come to an agreement on a "blue-print for a retail TiVo DVR" that would be based on the OpenCable Application Platform and have "full two-way cable service functionality." In less cryptic words, that means it'd give you access to cable video-on-demand, and other two-way services that have been previously off-limits to TiVo users. What's more, TiVo says that this yet-to-be-named box could "fully substitute for a cable operator set-top box," which would certainly be a nice bonus. Of course, there's no word as to when that magical box might be released but, as Electronista points out, the news was mentioned as part of the company's guidance for the new fiscal year, which could suggest that it'll be available before it ends in October 2008.

[Via Electronista, thanks Jonathan]
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