Apple, AT&T hit with lawsuit over iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature

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Apple, AT&T hit with lawsuit over iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature
Apple's already drawn a bit of unintended attention for the iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature, and it now looks like its facing a bit more heat on the matter, with Klausner Technologies now suing both it and AT&T for alleged patent infringement. Specifically, Klasuner is claiming that the Apple and AT&T violated two of its patents by "allowing users to selectively retrieve voice messages via the iPhone's inbox display" and, according to Apple Insider, its seeking damages and future royalties estimated at some $360 million. But that's not all, Klausner also apparently filed similar claims today against Comcast, Cablevision, and eBay (Skype, specifically), with damages and future royalties in those cases clocking in to the tune of $300 million. What's more, all this apparently follows two other lawsuits over the very same patents, which Klausner's attorney says they've litigated successfully. As is often the case, however, it's now up to the federal court in the Eastern District of Texas to sort things out.

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