ACCESS outs NetFront 3.4 Technical Preview for Windows Mobile

Opera Mini gets the lion's share of the attention among third-party browsers for Windows Mobile, but there are other contenders out there looking for a share of users' hearts and minds. Replacement browsers probably wouldn't be such a vibrant category on the platform if it weren't for Pocket Internet Explorer's utter ineptitude in its current iteration, but hey, it is what it is -- we're just happy that devs are out there coding up much better stuff (Microsoft included). Anyhoo, ACCESS has just taken the Technical Preview of its NetFront 3.4 release for Windows Mobile to the public with a couple awesome features in tow like visual bookmarks and full-page preview. NetFront powers the browsers on a number of phones from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and others, and we've generally found it to be good stuff; anyone give 3.4 a shot yet?

[Via jkOnTheRun and Brighthand]

Update: Turns out 3.4's been doing its thing for quite some time now; ACCESS has simply extended the expiration date through to February 29 of next year. Thanks, commenters!