OQO announces Model E2 with HSDPA -- and that's all

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Thomas Ricker
December 4th, 2007
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OQO announces Model E2 with HSDPA -- and that's all
Man, what a tease. OQO's Anytime / Anywhere event is all wrapped up in London and with it, an updated OQO Model E2 with HSDPA data is born. At the moment, that's all that's been announced, a same spec'd Model E2 with a €250 (about $367) premium inclusion of HSDPA/UMTS 2100MHz; GSM/EDGE/GPRS 900/1800MHz (SIM Free) data. Really now, was a full-blown press conference required to announce a simple (though useful) HSDPA bump to the European version of the Model 02? Full press release coming tomorrow -- maybe we'll see some surprises then.

[Via UMPC Portal]

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