Army of Two dubbed Army of Sh*t by Xbox World

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Richard Mitchell
December 5th, 2007
Army of Two dubbed Army of Sh*t by Xbox World

Games Radar has posted an incredibly damning article about Army of Two from their sister magazine Xbox World. Apparently the magazine had been prepping to review the game -- they had played a near complete beta and were awaiting final code -- when EA decided to put the game back in the oven until next year. According to Xbox World, that was a good choice, but it's probably not going to save the game. It seems the game has no saving graces whatsoever, as the magazine can not come up with a single positive thing to say about it. The article damns everything, especially the plot ("based on some right-wing idea of how great the war on terror is") and characters ("infantile high-fiving redneck jackasses"). In a nutshell: "As it stands, Army of Two is a juvenile swear-fest with clumsy controls, a story apparently penned by a seven year old who hates them ay-rabs, laughable level design that tosses you into a cut-scene every thirty seconds, sub Perfect Dark Zero graphics and the two least likable characters in gaming history." The article concludes that the delay "is a stay of execution" and advises gamers to "Hope for a miracle." Wow, we can't wait for the actual review.

Hit the "read" link for the full article.

[Via nukoda]
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