Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide: for daughter

If she's already got a slightly more sophisticated taste in technology you may have already found something for your daughter in our for her gift guide. But for the rest of us with pre-pre-teens, pre-teens, and teens, finding a decently gadgety gift can pose a challenge -- one even vexing to the likes of us wizened, cranky Engadget editors. We did our best putting together what we hear are some choice picks for the little lady set, but if you want to help out your fellow parents and family members with suggestions of your own, hit us up in comments!

$0 - $100

Mobile phone gift bag - Whether she's a seasoned texter or on her first-ever mobile, everyone's phone can always use a little love, so scope out her particular model and pick up an extra charger, a swanky case, and maybe even an inexpensive headset like the Motorola H375. Great stocking stuffers, just be sure you know what kind of phone she's using before you help her kit it out, okay?
Most accessories under $40, available everywhere.

Barbie Girls MP3 player with Barbie Girls MMO - Yeah, we know it's Barbie, but we've seen worse MP3 players for $60, plus it comes with access to the Barbie Girls MMO, where she can either participate in moderated online activities or unlock other social features by syncing her device with friends' computers. Make sure she (and her parents -- which may include you) are into Barbie first, though -- that's a line you probably don't want to cross.
$59 to $79 - Shop for Barbie Girls MP3 player

Mophie Wraptor iPod shuffle case (plus shuffle, if you want to go there, too) - The iPod shuffle is surely a good pocket player, but some inexplicable law of nature destines the annoying headphone cord tangle no matter how hard one tries to keep it organized. Mophie's Wraptor case, available in several brightly-colored hues, solves that problem by wrapping the cords neatly -- and, as a bonus, makes the whole package that much harder to lose. Not bad for a tenner -- although you could quadruple that capacity for the same price. See our noteworthy mention below.
$10 - Buy from Mophie
$79 - Buy from Apple

Noteworthy mention: Creative Zen Stone Plus 4GB

$101 - $250

White PS2 Singstar Bundle - If your daughter's none too impressed with Rock Band and its den-engulfing drum kit, why not satisfy her musical urges with Sony's White PS2 Singstar bundle? This affordable package is sure to please every American Idol wannabe, and the snazzy paint job doesn't hurt matters, either.
$149.99 - Shop for Singstar Bundle

Vivid Imagination's Sakura - If you're trying to get your daughter prepped for a career in robotics, why not start by showing her just how enjoyable they can be? Vivid's Imagination's Sakura skates around on command, gives your lil' lady the skinny on how to primp for the evening (blah), and even comes bundled with a solar powered flashing keychain. Ok, it's all kinds of lame, but at least they're making robots for little girls -- it's a start, right?
$40 - Shop for Sakura

Mpion's N-0013 DAP - If your daughter is obsessed with her complexion -- and really, who isn't? -- consider putting it all on the line with Mpion's zit-zapping DAP. Granted, you have a hell of a lot of nerve to suggest your princess' face is anything other than flawless, but c'mon, playing tunes and cleaning pores? Let's see her iPod do that.

¥20,790 ($189) - Buy from Cupid House

Casio's EX-Z77 digital camera - Unless your daughter was born earlier than, say, last month, chances are she's addicted to (or at least marginally infatuated with) YouTube. If so, you can bet she'll adore Casio's EX-Z77, which features plenty of megapixels, an ultrathin design and a totally handy YouTube capture mode. Need another reason? It comes in blue, red, pink, silver and black -- pick the one she's most into and you're golden. (If you're looking for other YouTubed-out choices, check out our for son guide, where we recommended all kinds of YouTube cams. Kids these days and their internets.)
$159.99 to $179.99 - Shop for EX-Z77

Noteworthy mention: Doro's HandleEasy 326gsm

$251 - $500

Clarion's UDB275MP/B car stereo - Just handed over your clunker for her to cruise to school with? C'mon, we all know that antiquated factory head unit just isn't gonna cut it, so why not add a touch of style and utility with Clarion's DUB275MP/B? This whimsical stereo arrives in white or black motifs, rocks a USB port for loading up MP3s and WMAs, and includes customizable accent lights to boot. Still, we have a feeling there's a fine line between cute and unsightly with this one, so just make sure its up her alley.
¥28,000 ($259) - Shop for UDB275MP

Ugobe's Pleo - Roboraptors are totally 2006, what warm-blooded mammal wouldn't love a Pleo? Sure to create a bond that would make any parent envious, this creature could be the perfect substitute for that canine she's been pleading for incessantly. And hey, this thing doesn't excrete -- bonus!
$349 - Shop for Pleo

Danger's Sidekick LX - A Sidekick with a QVGA display -- need we say more? The Sidekick LX should keep her texting madly for months (actual length of happiness varies by daughter), and if you're lucky, she may just place you in her Faves. Is that something you'd be interested in?
$299.99 (after contract) - Buy from T-Mobile

JACK & MEG Lomography cameras - We know you see her as a future software developer or gadget engineer, but don't fight it if she's been unleashing her creative side of late. Why not bestow a pair of -- gasp! -- analog Lomography cameras? Yes, you have to purchase both, does White Stripes sound singular to you?
$360 for the pair - Buy from Kung Fu Nation

Noteworthy mention: Audio Technica's ATH-ESW9 Sovereign Wood headphones

$501 - $1000

Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000

Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000 - Capturing the wonder years yourself is priceless, but we'll warn you that capturing the wrong moments in HD can most definitely be disastrous. Regardless of whether the HD1000 is used for good or evil, this pint-sized HD camcorder can fit in a purse for easy access, and with the native MPEG-4 format it records in she can share clips with her friends without taking a Final Cut class.
$700 - Shop for VPC-HD1000

Pink Bravia

Sony 32-inch Bravia S3000 - Is your daughter the type that can't get enough pink? Yeah, we know how it goes, first there was the pink RAZR, and now every gadget she gets... Luckily she's not the only one and Sony has a Bravia line-up with eight different colors, including you-know-what. And hell, even if she doesn't go with pink it's not like Bravias are HDTVs to snub your nose at.
$849 - Buy from B&H

ESPN Air Hockey Table with MP3 Dock - Care to give your daughter a taste of how you grew up? Ok, we know this might be a gift-for-her-for-you, but maybe you two are the type to bond by cuing up some classic rock with the built-in MP3 dock and show her what "twitch" meant before videogames. Don't let the ESPN keep 'em out, air hockey is fun for the whole fam -- even if it's just the spectacle you'll make of yourself flailing about.
$700 - Shop for ESPN air hockey table with MP3 dock


Toshiba Super Thin Bezel

Toshiba REGZA 40RF350U - Bedroom and dorm-room TVs are much different today than the 13-inch models we grew up with. But, just because the screen is bigger doesn't mean we have more space, and thanks to the Super Narrow Bezel on this set -- and a wall mount -- you can fit more screen in less space.
$1500 - Buy from Amazon

Gold MacBook Pro

24-carat gold MacBook Pro -- or, you know, a regular MacBook Pro - Looking for the perfect gift for daddy's little girl, Veruca? The 24-carat gold MacBook Pro is the perfect gift for the girl who has everything. Not only does she get a Mac that just works, but everyone will know how much her father loves her when they see the diamond studded Apple logo. Of course, no one will talk to her after that, but gold, man, gold! Then again, you can always go with a regular aluminum MBP, or even a slick white MacBook if you wanted to be a little less irresponsible with her college fund.
$9499 - Buy from PowerMax
Starting at $1100 - Buy from Apple

Swarovski LED dress

Swarovski LED dress - Practicality excepted, here's a dress that's got it all: LEDs, Swarovski, and its own SDK. Whether clubbing or aspiring to professional video signage status, there's little doubt that any dress that looks straight outta "Blade Runner" will generate some serious looks.
$16,000 - Buy Swarovski LED dress by Hussein Chalayan

Seura recessed LCD TV mirror - A little birdie told us that ladies tend to spend more time in the bathroom than guys. We're still fact-checking that bit, but at least with Seura mirror / LCD TV combo dudes can quit guessing what's going on in there, and at least make an educated guess that they're watching TV or checking the weather. Who knows, with this installed you daugher may never come out. You decide whether that's a good thing.
$4000+ - Shop for Seura recessed LCD TV mIrror

Did we miss something good? Let us know in comments what that she really wants, maybe we'll find some place to work it in.