Samsung reveals wireless 8-inch SPF-83V digiframe

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.13.07

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Samsung reveals wireless 8-inch SPF-83V digiframe
As if you weren't already inundated with digiframe options, Samsung is trying to make deciding even more difficult with the introduction of its SPF-83V. This 8-inch frame sports an 800 x 600 resolution display with a 500:1 contrast ratio and 200 nits of brightness, but the standout feature is its WiFi connectivity and the ability to sync up with Windows Live Spaces. More specifically, the unit plays nice with the Windows Live Photo Gallery, and it can also "communicate with Windows Media Player and open standards such as RSS." For whatever reason, Sammy doesn't bother telling us much else, but we're expecting it to come with 64MB of storage and a $230 price tag if Amazon's listing is to be believed.

[Via PhotographyBLOG]
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