High dynamic range gets trumpeted once more

Much like SED, OLED and Laser TV technologies, high dynamic range has been lingering in the background for what seems like ages, but a new writeup over at Sound & Vision is bringing it back (at least partially) into the spotlight. Reportedly, Dolby -- which purchased BrightSide Technologies earlier this year -- will be making some sort of announcement about the tech at CES, but judging by current estimates, we won't see sets based on HDR for "two or three years." For those who've forgotten what the fuss is all about, high dynamic range is purportedly able to offer whites whiter than white and blacks darker than anything else out there, but such luxuries aren't apt to come cheap for early adopters. Dolby refused to cough up an estimated price range for the first retail models, but who knows, maybe we'll learn a touch more about all of this in just a few weeks.