New fan art, wallpaper, and a call for screenshots

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|12.20.07

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New fan art, wallpaper, and a call for screenshots

Blizzard has been updating the artwork on the official website again, and that means new wallpapers and shiny new fan art!

The wallpaper features artwork from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, so if you play, or are simply a fan of WoW-themed depictions, it might be time to update your desktop background.

As for the fan art, much of it is holiday and Winter's Veil-themed, which often makes for some humorous images. Aside from being ever on the lookout for new fan artwork, Blizzard is also asking for some top-notch screenshots of Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts.

They would like to see depictions of the architecture and the scenery, in addition to combat. If your screenshots are selected, as always, they will appear in the World of Warcraft Guide, along with your character's name. For a list of banned subject matter, screenshot-taking tips, and a drop-down menu featuring every area of which Blizz is needing screenshots, visit the Screenshot Submission Form.

While you're in the mood to snap some great shots, don't forget to take some holiday-themed ones, and enter Blizzard's latest holiday contest, to win some decent prizes!
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