SNK needs to save one of these calendars for themselves

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JC Fletcher
December 28th, 2007
SNK needs to save one of these calendars for themselves

Metal Slug Anthology just came out in Japan. Yesterday. It's a collection of emulated games, from a company that has always taken a unique approach to translation (basically SNK's games are in Engrish in either territory), and which were originally released in Japan. We have to wonder what held up the release for so long, besides the (completely necessary) addition of Classic Controller support.

Possibly attempting to make up for the massive wait, SNK is bundling early purchases of Metal Slug Complete with jewel-case calendars featuring character art from the company's games. If only SNK had popped open one of those calendars and realized that it's not 2006 anymore, they might have released the game in a timely manner.
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