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BioLife kicks out TAP-01 biometric doorbell

Darren Murph

If a few unexpected (and uninvited) guests somehow made it into your crib last night to celebrate and mooch off your now-depleted food / beverage stash, you might want to take action in making sure your future parties don't sport a theoretical revolving door. In case Waleli's GSM-doorbell is a little too, um, colorful, for your tastes, BioLife has a more sophisticated-looking alternative to keep intruders at bay. The TAP-01 Fingerprint Access Control with Doorbell sports the obligatory fingerprint scanner, voice / name display, internet / intranet management capabilities, arbitrary time zone and grouping access control, and also a keypad password feature for an added level of security. While we're not certain when this biometric lock / doorbell will be available to grace the outside of your front entrance nor how much it'll cost, it could very well pay for itself by safeguarding your perishable goods.

[Via TRFJ]

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