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Kodak's "gonna turn the schmaltz back up to 11"

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's been a sad tale that Kodak, the first name in consumer photography, has seen continuous downsizing and restructuring as it clings to a no longer extremely profitable analog business model. Its digital offerings to date have been, well, generally pretty awful compared to many of the major Japanese and European brands, offering superior devices, optics, and images. But Kodak's not taking it lying down -- oh no. This corporate internal-commercial-gone-YouTube-fodder, which was apparently so popular on the inside they decided to release it to the public, starts up the old hot air machine to pump out some business about next-gen Kodak cameras featuring GPS, integrated narrative ordering, facial recognition, and intelligent color metering, all of which will apparently result in memories so outstanding "Celine Dion will sing the theme song while riding along on a unicorn through a field of baby animals under a big blue sky! And there's not a damned thing you can do to stop it. You were a Kodak moment once, and BY GOD, you will be one again!" Guess we can't argue with that. Alright Kodak, your move. CES is next week, let's see whatcha got.

[Thanks, Eric]

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