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Samsung drops price on BD-P1000, edges closer to HD DVD

Darren Murph

In the wake of Toshiba hinting at forthcoming price drops on its stand-alone HD DVD players at CES, Samsung has apparently figured out that it can't keep on charging a cool grand (though the price had already fallen a bit "unofficially") for its own high definition unit and remain attractive. As fence-sitters weigh their options and realize that they can get a console and Blu-ray player together for around $500, it only makes sense that we see a (somewhat) healthy price drop on Samsung's BD-P1000. Effectively immediately, the MSRP has been slashed from $999 to $899, putting wholesale prices closer to the $500-$800 range, which should help draw attention from potential buyers who were previously turned off by price. Of course, this theoretical price leveling might not last for too long if Toshiba's whispers prove to be true, but at least we're seeing the prices of stand-alone players dip down from their previous home in the stratosphere.

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