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Rwanda joins the fray, getting "hundreds of thousands" of OLPC XOs

Darren Murph

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Here's an idea: just release these OLPC XOs to every country in the world and be done with it. Sadly, that isn't likely to happen, but at least Rwanda is joining the growing list of countries ready to get their palms on the green machines. According to OLPC, Rwanda will be receiving "initial test units and technical support at no cost within a few days." After Quanta ramps up production in July, the nation expects to receive "hundreds of thousands" of the wee laptops late this summer at an "initial cost" of $150 apiece, with future units expected to cost a bit less. Rwanda's government, of course, is footing the entire bill, and hopes to actually provide a computer to "all primary school children within five years." So for any school-aged Rwandans out there itching to crank up Doom or surf the net on Opera while disregarding those grammar and arithmetic lessons, your countdown can officially begin.

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