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Star Trek: Legacy goes the wrong way


Reviews for Star Trek: Legacy are all over the map. They range from 40 to 91 on Metacritic and the game averages 67% on Game Rankings. Bad reviews focus on difficult controls and repetitive gameplay, while good reviews mention the epic battles and storyline. Naturally, Star Trek fans will probably find the most to like about this title. Or will they? Two new trailers for the game have appeared on Marketplace, and we were unimpressed. It's not that the game doesn't look decent, it's just that it really doesn't seem to fit the Trek universe. We put the game in our rental queue just to make sure, but it seems like basing a Star Trek game entirely on space combat isn't really a good idea. By and large, people watch Star Trek for the stories and characters, not epic space battles. Sure, Star Trek has its share of battles, but it's not Star Wars. Most of the fun Trek games we remember (PC and 16-bit era) involved controlling the characters themselves, essentially enacting new episodes of the show. These missions were often punctuated by space battles, but battle was never the sole purpose of the game.

Have any of you played Legacy yet? Is it good, or should we regret putting it in our queue?

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