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BenQ's in a business projector foursome: MP721, MP721C, MP611, and MP611C


BenQ is getting into the pre-CES shotgun announcement program today with the introduction of four new business projectors: models MP721, MP721C, MP611, and MP611C. While they will surely work at home with plenty of input options and support for 480p on up to 1080i video formats, these projectors target corporate conference rooms. As such, they bring such suit-friendly features as a discrete tone letting you know when the projector has warmed up and ready to bore, or cooled off and ready for packing; a no logo startup not advertising BenQ; a "Q? Hot FAQ Key" to quickly find answers to issues; and a relatively quiet 25dB operation which is welcome just about anywhere. The MP721 is the big dog of the bunch offing a 2500 ANSI Lumen brightness, XGA (1024x768) resolution, DVI input, and an optional wireless module for untethered Powerpoint presentations. All the projectors are capable of at least 2100 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, 31-inch to 300-inch diagonal image size, and accept analog RGB, component video, composite video, and S-Video inputs. They also weigh just 5.9-pounds for easy portability. They'll be up for retail in mid January priced at $1499 (MP721), $999 (MP721C), $899 (MP611), and $749 (MP611C). Again, no pictures in the accompanying press release -- we'll fix you up just as soon as BenQ's arts and charts team wakes up to the millennium.

Update: They woke up! That's the MP721 pictured above with another shot of the backside after the break. Don't worry, you're not missing anything, the MP621 looks exactly the same minus the DVI-I jack.

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