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Headplay announces Personal Cinema System HMD


Los Angeles-based Headplay has announced a new head-mounted display that it's hoping will stand out from the myriad of other stylish HMDs on the market, set to officially unveil its visor-style Personal Cinema System at CES. Designed by the prolific folks at IDEO, the Headplay uses a single LCoS micro display to deliver a virtual 52-inch screen at resolutions "up to" 1024 x 768, with a separate "Liberator" box handling the input situation, including component, composite, and s-video signals, as well two USB ports and support for various memory card formats. Unlike most other HMDs, the Headplay also does away with the integrated headphones, although the company will be providing a set of noise-suppression ear-buds of its own along with the unit. Look for this one to land sometime in April for an even $500.

[Via Uber-Review]

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