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Hideo Kojima dismisses HD and 1080p, sort of

Nick Doerr

We picked up a GamePro magazine a couple of days back, because we like to read printed material every once in a while. Even though news travels so much faster on this crazy "series of tubes" called the internet, there are a few interviews and such that remain under the radar until the magazine hits shelves. One such interview was with Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind the Metal Gear games. Let's go over the key things we drew from his interview.

  • In MGS4, Snake won't be utilizing his back-to-the-wall move anymore -- Hideo says it's not a very realistic move for the battlefield Snake will be on. You can hide behind stuff, take a peek out, then shoot, though.
  • Blu-ray isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hold on. He says that a basic gameplay frame, HD visuals, and 5.1 sound takes up so much space that the advanced capacity of a Blu-ray is used up in no time. What does that say for plain ol' DVD's, then? MGS4 on multiple discs, perhaps?
  • Kojima wants to try out the Wii after MGS4 wraps up -- supposedly. What could he be planning?
  • Hideo doesn't care for HD at all. He purposely made the graphics appear dirtier than more generic "clean" screenshots, to bring a more realistic life to the atmosphere. That's good.

So what have we learned here? Blu-ray is easy to fill up, HD graphics can make things look like plastic and unrealistic, Snake will have to find another signature stealth pose, and the Wii is interesting. Sounds like any other day, really. I mean, I have GI Joes in my closet to play with if I want plastic-laden soldiers. I demand scarring and mud on my PS3 warriors and I will have it! Eventually.

[via GamePro magazine]

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