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IGN: Halo DS once existed ... but now it doesn't

IGN's resident Nintendo guy, Matt Casamassina, claims to have played Halo on the Nintendo DS in a post cleverly titled "I Played Halo on DS." In short, the thing was up and running before "egos" conspired to crush the impressive port. Matt waxes wistfully about the Xbox-quality graphics, the Metroid Prime: Hunters control scheme, even the soundtrack before lamenting the death of the would-be megahit.

Who killed Halo DS? Was it the Xboy? Who knows. Of course, since we do know that IGN themselves discredit what's published on their "blogs" -- as opposed to the "site itself" -- we're more than happy to call bull on this one ... especially since we all know portable Halo belongs on the cellphone platform! Even better, we're hoping for a big Gizmondo Halo rollout at CES this year. Make it happen.

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