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PS3 available on ... still

Save and Best Buy stores, following a well publicized New Year's Eve sale, still have PlayStation 3 units available. We've received documentation from sources using Best Buy's Retek Store System (RSS) showing megalopolis' like Los Angeles are sold out, but states like Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota are stocked. This is all a moot point because has units for purchase. If gamers want a unit, it's available.

One of our sources says, "It would appear that nobody is really buying them. As of today, my store only had somewhere around 12 units left, but other stores were in the 30s ... While some people are blaming it on the fact that nobody wants a PS3, I like to imagine it's because the parents who would be buying them already jumped for a Xbox 360 or managed to get a Wii. After all, if I just spent $600 on little Susan for Christmas, I would not want to drop another $600 minimum for her. No kid is worth that much."

Although it could be the sign that PS3 supply is starting to exceed demand, this Best Buy situation could merely be an anomaly. can't keep units in stock, but we don't have data on how many units received. It's certainly an indicator of things to come when a major U.S. retailer has PS3 units available online and in stores that aren't being sold less than two months after launch.

[Thanks to our BB guys]

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