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XCM unveils Multi-Component Cable v2: console connections unite

Darren Murph

We're all about keeping things nice and well kempt, and if you're the type who's sporting a house full of consoles, you know precisely how difficult a clean wiring solution is to maintain. Helping to clear out that rat's nest of cabling is XCM -- those same folks who brought us the XFPS -- which is delivering the Multi-Component Cable v2 to simply that cord conundrum. Sporting a trio of connectors, this single device can simultaneously connect to your Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, and reportedly your dusty PS2 as well, and plugs into your TV set via component outs. As you might expect, a simple flip of the toggle switch changes the console you see on screen without you having to risk your life climbing atop the television. Currently, the device is still stuck in "preview" mode, but XCM promises to have a full list of specs and availability details ready soon, and if you can catch a video sneak peek after the jump.

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