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Backpack widget updated

David Chartier

The Backpack Dashboard widget, which many of us here at TUAW have known and loved since we found it, has been updated after a long hiatus to v1.2. Unfortunately, I can't find any documentation describing exactly what is new, though I can say that the 'login error' messages I often used to get when waking a machine from sleep have disappeared. I tried contacting the widget's developer, Matt Pennig, for details, but haven't heard anything back from him.

[Update: Matt just got in touch with me to confirm that the big change in this version is an update to the login code. Anyone experiencing the problems I mentioned should be pleased with their disappearance in v1.2. Matt has also set up both Amazon and PayPal donation links at his site, so drop him a few bucks if you enjoy his Backpack widget.]

Either way, this is still a great widget for working with Backpack, and remains available from Chipt Productions, LLC.

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