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Breakfast Topic: Gear we wanted but never got

Barb Dybwad

With the expansion right around the corner, many of us will be setting new and higher gear goals than the vast majority of what was available B.B.C. (that's Before Burning Crusade, natch). I still have a few items on my list that I craved heavily for a long time that I'm probably no longer going to care about once BC hits -- for my rogue the item I always wanted but never got is the Core Hound Tooth. The first time it dropped for my guild, I was outbid by a hunter who had more DKP than I did. The second time it dropped, I was on vacation and not in the raid for the first time in months of perfect attendance. After that it never dropped when I was in the raid, and to this day my rogue limps along with the Gutgore ripper in his offhand, long after scoring my Perdition's for his main hand.

So, what gear dreams do you leave behind as the expansion looms?

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