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Hands on with the LG VX9400 for Verizon

Chris Ziegler

It may not be Chocolate -- but in terms of style, the VX9400 isn't very far off. From the pictures, we'd thought that this was going to be one heavy, wide, unusable disaster of a handset, but we were dead wrong on every count. The phone can be used against the ear whether open or closed (obviously crucial for easy access to the keypad and quick taking of a call while watching TV), the pivot is smooth, and the glossy black top contrasts nicely with the silver bottom. The MediaFLO-based VCAST TV service, announced during the press conference today, is fully functional on the phone; we caught wind that Vegas and Seattle are fully live (among other markets) so it seems reasonable for Verizon to meet its goal of launching before the quarter's out. The video was smooth and quick to load, and the interactive guide (which loads via the FLO link) seemed well laid out. Click on for more pictures!

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