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Kodak announces four EASYSHARE digital picture frames


Ok, it's just another in a long line of digital picture frames. But hey, this time we're talkin' Kodak, so we're expecting the same ease of use we've seen from the rest of their EASYSHARE line-up of cams, printers, and accessories. The four new frames consist of a 10 and 8-inch (diagonal) pair with built-in 802.11b/g WiFi (EX1011 and EX811) and a couple of 8 and 7-inch standard frames (SV811 and SV710). All support the usual memory card formats (CF, SD, MMC, xD and MS) and bring a USB 2.0 host port to pull files direct from any USB digital cam or flash drive without the aid of a computer. Like many frames these days, you get support for not just JPEG images but also MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MOV and AVI video formats and a bit of MP3 audio to accompany slideshow playback. You'll also get built-in stereo speakers, 128MB of internal memory, and interchangeable faceplates including a "whiteboard' faceplate for those longing for the homey feel of the corporate conference room. The top of the line EX1011 WiFi frame features a 10-inch , 800x480 display and should retail for $280 in March. Prices drop off from there until you hit the rock-bottom, 7-inch SV710 sporting a low, low 480x234 resolution for an equally low price of $130. What, isn't your family worth the extra pixels?

[Via DPReview]

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