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Norcent announces DCC-1025 / DCS-760 digicams, slew of storage accessories

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of Norcent unveiling its forthcoming lineup of HDTVs, the company has announced that we'll be seeing its photogenic side as well, as the DCS-760 ($199) and DCC-1025 digicams make their debut at CES along with a slew of storage-related accessories. The 10.1-megapixel DCC-1025 ($179; DC-1020 pictured) reportedly sports a "champagne colored, brushed metal finish," 2.5-inch "scratch-resistant" LCD monitor, 3x optical zoom (and 4x of the practically worthless digital variety), 14 pre-selected scene modes, red-eye reduction, 640 x 480 MPEG4 movie mode, NTSC / PAL compatibility, 32MB of internal memory, SD / MMC slot, and AV out to boot. The more compact DCS-760 features a seven-megapixel sensor, "high-end design," 15 scene modes, VGA movie mode, 2.5-inch LTPS monitor, and the same 3x optical zoom and SD / MMC slot as the larger sibling. Making sure your digicam is fully prepared for a long day of shooting, the firm is also unveiling its SD Duo, Micro SD Trio, and Micro SD Reader / Adapter; the SD Duo combines SD and USB support, while the Micro SD Trio adds microSD, and neither unit needs a card reader to interface with any USB-equipped PC. As if that weren't enough, it's also showing off a 1GB ($19.99) / 2GB ($29.99) USB Pen Drive that rocks a LED indicator light and a "twist to open" cap to curb that "missing lid" syndrome so often associated with flash drives. While the DCS-760 won't be available until the Spring, everything else is available right now, and will be out on display in just a few days at CES.

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