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S-XGen hands-on

Cyrus Farivar

Finally, we got to play with the S-XGen, that cellphone handheld that apparently will do pretty much everything but cook us dinner. Translated into specific spec-language, this one runs Windows Mobile 5.0 with a 520MHz Xscale processor, a 20GB drive, 128MB of SDRAM and shows itself off with a 4.25-inch screen at 470 x 270 pixels. Beyond that, you've got nearly every kind of connectivity known to humankind, with WiFi, tri-band GSM, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB OTG and that good ol' Infrared (we're not totally sure whether you can sync it with your Newton). Unfortunately, we didn't have time to do a full dance with this device, but we gave it a quick spin and it's light, plasticy, and definitely unique. Now you can give it a test drive in our gallery.

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