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Eclipse's AVN 2210p apes TomTom One's portable style


One of the defining features of the TomTom One is its portability: being able to pick it up and take it away a), makes the owner feel far more confident that they won't lose it in the case of a break in and b), they get to use it as a portable GPS device. Eclipse has emulated the success of the TomTom One's concept with the announcement of the AVN2210p, although their solution is arguably less elegant seeing as it's based around a double-DIN sized unit designed to be integrated into car dashes. The detachable unit consists of a 3.5-inch LCD which gets its navigation information from an SD card, and if you opt for TomTom's optional service package it'll provide real time traffic info as well. As is now typical for pretty much any modern in-car electronics kit, the ANV2210p features compatibility with XM and Sirius' satellite radio solutions, as well as connections for an iPod. For alternate methods of routing audio through the device, there's a USB port that can play digital audio files straight off of various PMPs and USB thumb drives. If you're in a really old-school kinda mood, you can play burned MP3s on a subtle, hidden CD player. The ANV2210p will be retailing at $900, and should be available sometime this Spring.

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