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Hands on with the Sansa View


You've already got the lowdown on specs, but here's the new Sansa View up close and personal. Shiny, thin and well-screened? Check, check and check. They wouldn't let us touch 'em, though, which was lame. Whatever, SanDisk, you're not invited to our birthday party -- so there! Keep reading for some more shots.

UPDATE: Alright, birthday plans are back on. We finally got a hold of the View for some actual "hands on" pics, and it really is a looker -- though with all the slim going on here, we're still not sure we could squeeze this thing into a jeans pocket. Also, the software is way early on this thing, so don't figure these funky screen shots will have much to do with how the final interface will look like. With that said, check out our new pics after the break.

A bit washed out, but that sign says "Please do not touch." At least they ask so nicely.

Like we said, have no fear: this ain't near final.

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