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Timex intros diminutive Ti700 iPod alarm clock

Darren Murph

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It's no secret that quite a few companies are jumping in the iPod speaker system / alarm clock game, but you know the market's saturated when Timex dives in. Sporting a slim, travel-friendly silver and black enclosure, the Ti700 rocks a blue-backlit LCD, twin alarms, AM / FM tuners, nine station presets, and even a nine-button wireless remote to control the action from afar. Of course, Timex isn't exactly the king of audio, so you'll be relying on a single (likely subpar) driver to belt out the jams, but you can plug in other audio devices via the aux in jack if you leave your 'Pod behind. No word just yet on pricing and availability, nor if it'll be setup beside the bargain watch display at your favorite retailer.

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